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  • Level of empathy for misfortunate based in social status
    The level of empathy egalitarians and anti-egalitarians express toward others’ misfortunes depends on whether that other person holds a high- or low-ranking position in society.

  • Arts faculty honored for teaching and advising
    The Appel Fellowship for Humanists and Social Scientists and the Paul Academic Advising Award for arts and sciences faculty will be presented May 26.

  • Cornell experts aim for carbon neutrality via Earth Source Heat
    Cornell engineering faculty and facility experts met with more than 100 members of the Ithaca community May 17 at an open forum to give an update on the Ithaca campus’s path toward carbon neutrality and its goal to heat campus in a climate-friendly way.

  • Asteroid impact grounded bird ancestors
    A study finds that following an asteroid impact 66 million years ago, only small ground-dwelling birds survived a mass extinction, profoundly changing the course of bird evolution.

  • Commencement countdown
    Statistics convey the scope of Cornell University's 150th Commencement for undergraduate, graduate and professional students May 27.


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Cornell Daily Sun
  • College-Age Male Dead in Ithaca Gorge
    Vincent Monticello, deputy chief of the Ithaca Police Department, said he believed the initial report came from a pedestrian walking along the north bridge on Stewart Avenue.

  • KELLER | Join The Sun
    Kurt Vonnegut once opined on The Sun’s role in his life saying,  “I was happiest when I was all alone — and it was very late at night, and I was walking up the hill after having helped put The Sun to bed.” After signing out the day’s pages and switching off the office lights […]

  • BRONFIN | Revolving Around The Sun
    I joined The Sun because I loved sports. And partially because my best friend Scott joined his college newspaper and I figured if Scott, a decidedly average writer, could cover sports in college, then so could I. But mostly because I loved sports.It’s been four years, and my love for sports has diminished. Yes, I […]

  • GLASS | The Old College Try
    Divining is a pseudo-scientific and semi-magical practice where with just the aid of a bi-pronged stick, one walks across an expanse of land in an attempt to find underground water by feel and faith alone. It is, perhaps, the only way I can describe how the last four years here at Cornell have felt. After […]

  • LAPLACA | 3 a.m. Thoughts
    I have never written for The Sun until now. Since sophomore year, I have been a designer. When I went to the Sun info session, I had no idea what section I wanted to join. Truth be told, I thought the Design Department was a writing section about fashion and wrote it off (I know, […]