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  • BERNSTEIN | These Upcoming Wellness Days, Try Something New
    It’s a simple message, but an old and important one. And as we begin our middle-of-the-week weekend — a phenomenon really only relevant to our current moment in time — we celebrate the theme of “wellness.” What better way is there to work on our own wellness but by trying something new?At Cornell, we often […]

  • BETTEZ | The Death of the Acquaintance
    An acquaintance was once someone who you could run into as you rush through Ho Plaza on your way to class and chat, or attempt to catch up with over the roar of a frat party’s Spotify playlist. Maybe they were even a friend of a friend, or an ally when you frantically needed help […]

  • GUEST ROOM | Enduring Acknowledgement, Respect and Support for EARS
    As a Cornell alumnus, it grieves me to hear that Empathy, Assistance and Referral Service will no longer offer peer counseling, given Cornell’s general liability insurance does not cover peer counseling. Although I graduated five years ago, I cannot imagine that the importance of empathetic listening and training has diminished, especially given the COVID pandemic. I […]

  • GUEST ROOM | Give Thanks to Your Resident Hall Staffer
    It is safe to say Cornellians limped to the finish line last semester. With fewer breaks, unusually substandard dining hall sustenance and a monumental Student Assembly calamity, things certainly went smoother than expected. Cornell’s expansive testing capabilities and containment of the virus even garnered national media attention. The COVID-19 response was managed so effectively, in fact, […]

  • Cornell Wrestler Goes Viral for Pinning YouTube Personality Jake Paul in 7-Year-Old Footage
    A video of Cornell wrestling’s own, junior Ben Darmstadt, pinning internet personality Jake Paul in a high school wrestling match went viral on social media ahead of Paul's upcoming fight.