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Cornell Daily Sun
  • Winter Lights Festival Dazzles Downtown Ithaca
    As the sun dipped below the horizon on Saturday night, the Ithaca Commons were illuminated by the light installations of the Winter Lights Festival.

  • Study Period Before Final Exams: Testing Students’ Ability to Balance Their Work
    As classes wrap up this Tuesday, students are preparing for their finals during the Study Period.

  • Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalists Discuss Reporting on Immigration
    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, Sonia Nazario, Nadja Drost and Molly O’Toole ’09, participated in a discussion about the unparalleled migration through the Americas, immigration policy and the role of journalism in relation to these topics.

  • Into the Metaverse? The Future of Technology in a Budding VR World
    In terms of the social and gaming landscapes, as described earlier, Meta imagines constructing a network of virtual realms through which people can hop with relative ease. You could go from a VR chat sandbox to a video game with friends to even collaborating in a conference room from your desk in a matter of minutes. The possibilities are endless — at least until full-dive comes out and we all turn into vegetables.

  • The Good, “The Great” and the Ugly
    It begins with a lackluster episode, “Heads It’s Me,” a minefield of forced humor and a casual end to the coup against Peter that occupied the whole of the last season. It tries to tie up the loose threads of the far more compelling finale that preceded it. On average, however, the writing does improve gradually,  as Catherine and her court adjust to her new reign and her pregnancy. Intrigue is layered upon intrigue, ambitions and appalling mistakes rising like the smoke from poisonous candles Catherine receives for her attempts at diplomacy. At times sickening, at others charming, The Great’s second season is a woozy, erratic take on similar themes to its first: idealism, desire and the price of power.