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  • GROSKAUFMANIS | Land of Second Chances
    Two years ago, while sitting on a roof in Collegetown, I saw a girl run barefoot down Catherine Street holding an open handle of Absolut while zig-zagging away from a cop who, from my vantage point, was palpably frustrated but remarkably patient. I couldn’t see what happened when they reached the bottom of the hill, […]

  • CHANG | The Politics of a Liberal Campus Groupthink
    As election season is starting to heat up, the political conversations I have are fading into a haze. The same talking points are repeated with a slightly different explanation. We Cornellians are fed the exhausting narrative of pessimism that we are never doing enough. The intersection of this mostly academic and social lens with our […]

  • WANG | Right or Wrong, April Ryan doesn’t Hold Back
    “Mr. President, are you a racist?”It took six years and a group of the world’s most brilliant scientists to develop a nuke that would bring the world to a halt. As it is, it only took April Ryan five words to have the same effect.Let’s set it up. The day of April Ryan’s question had […]

  • Jesus Freaks: Mandy Is a Bloody Good Time
    Ruby: Man, that was wild. It’s going to be hard to get that image of the demon with a knife where his dick is supposed to be out of my head. What do you think the movie is about, though? To me it seems like there’s not much depth to it, since the revenge story […]

  • Generations of Alumni Reunite for Cornell Chimes’ Sesquicentennial
    From The Wizard of Oz to Harry Potter, “My Old Cornell” to John Lennon, the Cornell Chimes celebrated its birthday with music spanning across its 150-year history.