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  • KANKANHALLI | I Never Learn
    What do a green circle, a blue square and a yellow triangle all have in common? You might recognize these humble shapes by their sturdier aliases: Open, Closed, Wait List. Student Center’s three beloved icons, occupying hardly a few pixels on screen, command quite a few fates. In my experience, they share a mandate to […]

  • LIU | Hey, I Was Hazed Too
    Welcome back to Cornell, Spring semester edition.A legion of eager freshman are undertaking recruitment for Greek organizations.Students have begun to edit their resumes in hopes of joining their dream business group on campus.Early last week, I was sitting in Libe replying to emails when I overheard a freshman sharing how eager he was to join […]

  • LEE | Allowing Me to Be Me
    Thinking this would pretty much be the last break I get to spend without being too fixated on academics or career-related activities, I had a very unproductive break.I had vowed to start prepping for next semester and to exercise more, but neither materialized as expected.But as unproductive as it was, I actually had quite a […]

  • PARK | A Sorority Rush Conversation
    Welcome to Kappa Alpha Delta Theta Sigma Epsilon Phi! This is my home and I hope we have impressed you with our color-coordinated outfits and synchronized song.Can I take your coat? It will give me a chance to check the label as well as determine your worth by the proportions of your body and value […]

  • GOULDTHORPE | Idols with Feet of Clay: #MeToo and John Lasseter
    It’s been three months since The New York Times released its bombshell story about Harvey Weinstein. Since then, more and more sexual offenders have been brought to light, and the entertainment industry has been rocked to its core. I can’t even begin to name all the actors, producers and so on who have had allegations […]