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  • WEIRENS | Artificial Intelligence at Cornell: The Potential and Pitfalls
    Chat AI, recently released in November 2022, is a large language model that provides highly detailed responses to almost any prompt of your imagination (given that it’s appropriate). Once I got past the initial disbelief of Chat AI’s capabilities, I quickly became fascinated. A couple of minutes of playing with it made me realize that Chat AI is no Siri.

  • SWASING | An Education I Enjoy
    This semester, I was faced with a dilemma that plagues many college students: Choosing between two classes for my major. One is a class that I am genuinely interested in, excited to learn about, and eager to take something away from. The other is a class that I know would be less work and would likely result in a better grade.

  • New Data Science Minor Encodes Key Skills in Cornell Undergraduate Students
    Students from across the university can now minor in data science, allowing a greater subset of students to gain important quantitative and analytical skills in an increasingly data-driven world.

  • Career Services Hosts Inaugural Winter Career Carnival
    The Winter Career Carnival, hosted by Cornell Career Services, offered a chance for students to learn more about the career development opportunities offered by the office as well as to win college merchandise.

  • First of Many Missions Traveling to the Moon Since 1972, Artemis I has Safely Launched and Returned
    Although there were many obstacles in the way of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Artemis I mission launching — Hurricane Ian, liquid hydrogen leaks and more — the Orion rocket launched on Nov. 16 and returned back to Earth on Dec. 11.